The Secret History of Mac Gaming - Digital Add-On Pack

Richard Moss
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For owners of the 1st edition (published by Unbound) of The Secret History of Mac Gaming, this PDF contains all of the new stories I wrote for the Expanded Edition — that's around 6,000 words spread across four existing chapters — as well as a timeline of key Mac gaming history milestones from 1984 to 2000, a gameography, and a list of corrections I made for the Expanded Edition.

It is designed so that you can print it out and insert directly into your 1st edition copy, with page references for where the new content and corrections go.

It DOES NOT contain any of the additional images we added to the book, nor does it have the new icon galleries or the new foreword, or any of Bitmap's lovely design work on the Expanded Edition. The Expanded Edition comes in a beautiful hardback, with all of the aforementioned changes and additions as well as a revised text layout. It is the definitive version of the book, and if you can afford to buy it then I recommend it. But I made this for anyone who either can't afford or doesn't want to do so (or who wants to know exactly what's new and different in their new copy).

For an extra $8, you can add the Kindle/ePub ebook containing the complete updated book text (but also none of the images).

To buy the Expanded Edition from Bitmap Books, please go to

There will not be a third edition, but there will eventually be a second volume. To be informed when the second volume is done, you can sign up to my low-volume announcements list at

And lastly, if you want to buy just the Text-Only Edition (which is the Expanded Edition in ebook form, minus all images, all of the lovely design touches, and Graeme Devine's new foreword), go to my other product page at

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The Secret History of Mac Gaming - Digital Add-On Pack

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